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The Association for the Tutoring Profession
13th Annual Conference March 26 – 29, 2017
Tutoring: Crossroads and Connections


Kansas City, MO

Marriott Country Club Plaza


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Each year the ATP brings together tutors, tutor coordinators, faculty, educators and administrators to make a difference in the lives of their students. We invite you to join in the celebration of this good work and exploring the opportunities that come from networking with other tutors from across the United States and abroad.  

Regular registration ends February 28



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Sunday Pre-Con and Wednesday Post-Con Institutes

are available at a reasonable price.


Conference Highlights

  •  Sunday Night Reception with a great food selection and a fun contest  
  • Monday Night Jazz Club Visit
  • Tuesday Night Visit to the Learning Center at Rockhurst University


ATP’s Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Janet Zadina

Dr. Zadina is an internationally renowned speaker, consultant, and author.  She is known for her extraordinary ability to debunk popular myths about the brain while keeping educators aware of credible brain research. The Society for Neuroscience honored her with the 2011 Science Educator Award for making significant contributions to public education and raising awareness of neuroscience through her powerful conference presentations and transformational workshops. She was awarded a CLADEA Fellowship in 2013 for her work.