The Association for the Coaching & Tutoring Profession’s (ACTP) mission is to provide a communication platform linking tutors, tutor coordinators, and administrators who are committed to the development of the independent learner. The goals, as stated in the constitution, are “to provide opportunities for tutors, tutor coordinators, and administrators to develop and enhance skills through the sharing of methods and strategies; to provide a basis to stimulate research in the philosophy and application of tutoring; to develop relationships with other organizations, schools, and businesses which are also committed to the development of independent learners; and to offer an annual conference and publications to bring information to all interested groups.” As a result of the highlighted goal it is proposed that ACTP support and work collaboratively with those individuals interested in bringing the mission and goals of the ACTP to individuals at the state and/or regional level. By the nature of its position, ACTP has a broader perspective and wider scope of activity than that envisioned by state/regional chapters. In the same regard, chapters would have a more specialized perspective to offer on the grassroots level. Whether the chapter is a state or regional organization, it is envisioned that each group has a unique role to play in the world of tutoring.

The purpose of the chapter partnership is to enhance the capacity of both the ACTP and its affiliated organization to build effective relationships within their respective communities with tutoring professionals, paraprofessionals, students, teachers, leaders from schools, legislators, businesses, media and other individuals dedicated to the process of improving and enhancing student academic success. By working together and sharing resources, we strengthen all of our efforts.

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