ATP Pre/Post-Con Descriptions 2017-01-16T20:52:56+00:00

Pre-Con Title: Number Crunching for Beginners: Basic descriptive and inferential statistics for learning center professionals, with SPSS and Excel - Doney

Description: Has it been a while since you took a statistics class? Or maybe you've never taken one in your life? We're here to help! Learn how to perform some basic descriptive and inferential statistical calculations using IBM SPSS statistical software and Microsoft Excel. This is a hands-on workshop using datasets from real learning centers to address real-life assessment challenges. To get the most out of this workshop, participants should plan to bring a laptop running Microsoft Excel and IBM SPSS.

Pre/Post Con Title: Academic Coaching-your dream job! - Loppacher

Description: This interactive workshop will provide attendees an opportunity to learn more about academic coaching as a means of support on their campus. We will look at theories and models as well as some training topics. Attendees will have opportunities to develop or adapt a coaching program that will meet with their student body and institution’s needs.

Pre-Con Title: From Student Workers to Prepared Professionals: Training and Evaluating Peer Tutors - Schrieber

Description: Tutor coordinators are often focused on hiring the best tutors. But what can they do to develop tutors into the best professionals who add expertise to this field and their future careers? This session will explore training and evaluation strategies that transition inexperienced student workers into experienced and prepared professionals.

Pre-Con Title: Crises in Consciousness (Part 1): The Impact of Technology on Learning - Valkenburg

Description: This workshop will offer some of the most recent neuroscientific research as it applies to brain function and how people learn. It looks at the current idea that computer memory is superior and releases the human brain to deal with more important things: the first of many crises of consciousness.

Post-Con Title: Crises in Consciousness (Part 2): Overcoming the Myths of Technology--finding a way to critical and creative thought - Valkenburg

Description: Among the myths of technology are those of multi-tasking and that turning over memory to the computer will allow the brain to be more creative. This session is based on the neurological foundation laid in Part 1 and will offer possible ways to overcome some of the cognitive difficulties facing us all as members of the technocracy.