Thank you for your interest in the Association for the Tutoring Profession (ATP).
Please use the contact information below to connect with the following ATP Board members.
President-Elect / 2018 Conference Chair
Jim Johnston--
Past President
Pinder Naidu--
Michele Doney--
Jill Strand
Membership Chair
Patrick Stoker--
Certification Chair
Julie Loppacher--
Professional Development Chair
Jered Wasburn-Moses
Research Committee
Editor of Synergy (ATP's online journal)

Jill Oliver--
Public Relations Chair
Jen Nguyen--
Publications Chair
Editor of Newsletter

Brook Edwards--
By-Laws and Constitution Chair (Vacant)
Contact President--
Website Coordinator
Anissa Harris--
Send mail to ATP at:
Association for the Tutoring Profession
915 E. Market Ave #10756
Searcy, Arkansas 72149-5615