Membership Benefits

  • Membership Certificate and Membership Card
  • The Facilitating Tutor Newsletter
  • Discount registration for ATP Workshops
  • Discount Registration for ATP Conference
  • Opportunities to serve as an ATP Elected Officer
  • Eligibility for ATP Certification (Associate Tutor, Advanced Tutor, Master Tutor, Tutor Trainer, Master Tutor Trainer)
  • Voting privileges in ATP elections
  • Leadership Opportunities such as ATP committee service and ATP elected offices
  • Announcements of ATP workshops and Events

Membership Timeline

Your paid yearly membership extends for one year from the date your membership application is approved.

ATP will contact you as your membership approaches expiration, giving you an opportunity to renew. Renewal will extend your membership by one year from the date of expiration.
To Become a Member

  1. Select a Membership type below.
  2. Complete the online form.
  3. Follow the PayPal link to pay for your registration.
  4. Depending on payment method, you will either be forwarded directly back to the ATP or an email will be sent to you with directions on completely your registration. Please note that registration in not complete until this step has finished.

Types of Membership