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ACTP: A New Name, New Focus,

& New Opportunities!

If you are looking for ATP, you are at the right place! With an clear majority vote from our membership in the summer of 2018, ATP welcomed our academic coaching colleagues into our organization by changing our name from ATP to ACTP. As we begin the first year of our expanded focus, we look forward to additional opportunities to apply our mission and influence.

Website Changes

As you browse our website, you will notice the inclusion of coaching into our mission and vision statement as well as other informative pieces. We will continue to update and expand our website over the next few months, and we will eventually transition from our existing ATP domain to a new ACTP domain.

As existing or potential new members, please feel free to offer suggestions or input along the way. You will find direct contact information for all aspects of ACTP at this About Us/Contact Us link.

2019 Call for Conference Proposal–Now Open! 

Click HERE to submit.

ACTP Conference in Orlando

For anyone new to ACTP, the annual conference is a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and best practices and grow professionally in the process. We encourage you to come and showcase your:

  • innovative technologies
  • social media endeavors
  • creative learning strategies
  • tutor training techniques and/or
  • research findings.

You could also share with colleagues about how you are making magic in your coaching, tutoring, or center administration. Our attendees love to learn about how effective management, data collection, assessments, and reporting techniques contribute to improved teaching and learning.

We want sessions on anything that makes your support program or practice distinctive.  Both professionals and students are encouraged to submit proposals.

Please visit our Call for Proposals page for specific information on concurrent sessions, roundtable or panel discussions, or workshops on best practices or research. If you are a new or seasoned presenter, we welcome your contribution. You will find presentation guidelines, session descriptions, and important dates on the Call for Proposals.

The Association for the Coaching & Tutoring Profession

The Association for the Coaching & Tutoring Profession (ACTP) provides a communication platform linking academic coaches, tutors, peer coaches, program coordinators and administrators who are committed to the development of the independent learner and holistic student.

ACTP offers opportunities for:

      • Member-based leadership
      • High-quality professional development
      • Networking
      • Sharing tools and methods
      • Tutor and tutor trainer certification
      • An annual conference for researchers and practitioners
      • Research publication and newsletter
      • Best practices for tutoring and coaching
      • Online training via webinars

ACTP Mission

To provide a communication platform linking academic coaches, tutors, peer coaches, program coordinators  and administrators who are committed to the development of the independent learner and holistic student.

ACTP Goals

      • To provide opportunities for academic coaches, tutors, peer coaches, tutor trainers, program coordinators, faculty members, and administrators to develop and enhance skills through the sharing of methods and strategies.
      • To provide a basis to stimulate research in the philosophy and application of coaching and tutoring.
      • To develop relationships with other organizations, schools, and businesses who are also committed to the development of independent learners.
      • To offer an annual conference and publications to bring information to all interested groups.

From Our Blog

ACTP Thursdays – Meet the Member: Phyllis Wade

Our members are our greatest asset at ACTP and we love to highlighting the work that they do and the resources they are proud of on a weekly basis.  On ACTP Thursdays, we put the spotlight on a member of the week, a resource of the week, or a best practice of the week. We’re a community of learning. We work best when we share our passions and practices.

Today, we bring you the work of ACTP Board Member, Phyllis Wade who is our new Certification Chair!  Phyllis is also the Coordinator of the Academic Coaching Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).  Here’s Phyllis!

ACTP: What drove you to the field of academic support and tutoring?

Phyllis: A very round about way.  I never even set out to be in higher education.  My bachelor’s is in music.  I had no idea what I wanted to do when I finished college, so I got a job at a bank.  I ended up working at that bank for more than a dozen years.  I kept getting promoted and had a great time.  One of the positions I was promoted to was in student loans.  One of my friends told me that one of our local universities was hiring for a financial aid position.  I applied and low and behold, I got the job at the University of Rochester!  At the time, I had not done graduate work.  While I was on the campus, I knew that that was where I belonged – I belonged in higher education.  I began working on my graduate degree in Student Affairs.  After awhile, I was asked to be the Assistant Director of the Opportunity Program at the university.  Then, I became the director.  And then I was asked to apply to be the Dean of Students at the Eastman School of Music.  Long story short, I got the position and I held that job for 12 years.  Then there was a major re-organization and I ended up at Rochester Institute of Technology in their Opportunity Program.  The position was admin-focused, but I wanted to work to students and now I’m working in academic support!

ACTP: What do you love the most about your job?

Phyllis: Working with students.  I love working with individual students and watching them grow — watching the light bulb come on.  Even the tough ones, seeing this about face where they say “Ohhh, I get it now — I tried doing what you recommended and it worked!”  That’s one of the things I love the most.  Seeing students who I worked with come back after they graduated and telling me that they remembered something particular that I said — and that they still remember years later.

ACTP: What’s a big challenge that you are facing at your center?

Phyllis: I would say limited resources: space and personnel.

ACTP: What’s one piece of advice you would give to your colleagues?

Phyllis:  Have a sense of humor!  It helps you get through the stressful times.

ACTP: What’s a fun fact (not related to tutoring) that we should know about you?

Phyllis: In one of my previous lives, I sang for the President of the United States!    [Ask her which one!]

Are you interested in being highlighted on the ACTP Blog?  Simply contact Jen Nguyen, PR Board Member, at jennifer.nguyen@csueastbay.edu.  All that’s required to become ACTP famous is a quick phone conversation.  We’re looking forward to talking to you!

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