Tutor Training Topics 2015-04-03T15:15:17+00:00
Topics for Associate Tutor
Must complete at least of the following:

  • Definition of tutoring and tutor responsibilities
  • Basic tutoring guidelines
  • Some basic Tutoring Do's & Tutoring Don'ts
  • Learning Styles
  • Techniques for successfully beginning and ending a tutoring session
  • Communication Skills
  • Active listening and paraphrasing
  • Compliance with the Ethics and Philosophy of the Tutor Program
  • Modeling problem solving
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Setting Goals/Planning
  • Study Skills
  • Role Playing
  • Referral Skills
  • Record Keeping/Documentation
Required Topics Advanced Tutor In
addition to Associate Tutor Topics:

  • Use of probing questions
  • Characteristics of adult learners/Learning Styles
  • Cultural Awareness and inter-cultural communications
  • Identifying and using resources
  • Tutoring in specific skill/subject areas

Required Topics for Master Tutor In addition
to Associate and Advanced Tutor topics:

  • Assertiveness training
  • How to tutor/deal with Target Populations
  • How to administer and interpret a Learning Style Inventory
  • Structuring the learning experience
  • Training and supervising other tutors (supervisory skills)
  • Group management skills (group interaction and group dynamics)