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    Previously Recorded Webinars


    Theory Into Practice

    Evaluating Learning Outcomes Qualitatively

    RECORDED WEBINAR - Evaluating Learning Outcomes Qualitatively
    Marcia Toms - North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    Assessing Effectiveness and Outcomes

    RECORDED WEBINAR - Assessing Effectiveness and Outcomes:
    Some Ideas for Producing Quantitative Data

    Michele Doney - John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, NY

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    Assessment from A to Z

    RECORDED WEBINAR - Assessment from A to Z:
    Utilizing Qualitative and Quantitative Measures in Learning Centers

    Geoff Bailey - University of North Carolina Greensboro

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00


    Adjusting the frequency

    RECORDED WEBINAR - Adjusting the frequency: What can we do when students don’t come often enough?! Michele Doney - Baruch College
    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    Collaborative Partnerships in Action

    RECORDED WEBINAR - Collaborative Partnerships in Action:
    Joint Programming Efforts Between TRiO Programs, Tutorial Services,
    and Other University-Based Programs

    Steven Taylor and Rashaun Henry - Southeast Missouri State University

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    Bang Your Drum Loudly!

    RECORDED WEBINAR - Bang Your Drum Loudly!
    How Best to Market a Tutoring Program

    Greg Carmichael - The University of Louisville

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    Certifying Your Tutoring Program Under CRLA

    RECORDED WEBINAR - Certifying Your Tutoring Program Under CRLA
    Shawn O’Neil, The University of - North Carolina at Greensboro

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    Online Tutoring: What is it?

    RECORDED WEBINAR - Online Tutoring: What is it?
    Why is it important? How do I do it?
    Ben Smith - Hamilton College

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    Utilizing technology and tech tools to enhance tutoring

    RECORDED WEBINAR - Utilizing technology and tech
    tools to enhance tutoring
    Dr. Brandon Jones, Clemson University

    Members: $75.00Non-Members: $100.00


    Ethics in Tutoring utilizing the Values in Action Inventory

    RECORDED WEBINAR - Ethics in Tutoring utilizing the Values
    in Action Inventory
    Melissa Thomas - College of Charleston

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    New Tutor Training

    RECORDED WEBINAR - New Tutor Training
    Julie Loppacher - Emory University

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    Making it stick

    RECORDED WEBINAR - Making it stick: Applying research-based learning strategies in tutoring sessions
    Joe Salvatore, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    Swimming against the current into calmer waters

    RECORDED WEBINAR - Swimming against the current into calmer
    waters: How emotion and attitude affect learning

    Julie Hohmann - University of Louisville

    As academic support professionals, we are no strangers to witnessing how students' emotions and attitudes can help or hinder the learning process. During this presentation we will discuss how students' reaction to failure can make or break success down the road, knowing when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em, and how gender and academic background might influence emotional reactions towards learning. We also discuss how we can help our students redirect negative emotions in order to jumpstart the learning process.

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    Theories to Guide Tutor Programs

    RECORDED WEBINAR - Theories to Guide Tutor Programs: Developing Program Operations From Learning and Development Theory
    Karen Agee - Reading and Learning Coordinator Emerita,
    University of Northern Iowa

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    Inclusivity in Tutoring

    Best practices in tutoring for student-athletes

    RECORDED WEBINAR: Best practices in tutoring for student-athletes
    Lauren Hansen, University of Louisville

    Members: $75.00Non-Members: $100.00

    Diversity Discussions

    RECORDED WEBINAR: Diversity Discussions

    This webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to discuss different types of diversity such as socio-economic background, race, gender and ethnicity and how they impact the experience of undergraduate students as well as the importance of developing a tutoring environment that is aware of and sensitive to these diversities.

    Presented by: Julie Loppacher, Associate Director of EPASS Peer Programs
    Emory College of Arts and Science, Atlanta, GA.

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    Shrimp Pringles and Rope Bridges

    RECORDED WEBINAR: Shrimp Pringles and Rope Bridges: Working with International Students in Tutoring Centers

    This webinar will provide tutoring professionals and tutors with essential information and strategies for working with international students on our campus.

    Presented by: Lara Vance, Associate Director, Student Success Center
    Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00

    Making the First Stone Spears

    RECORDED WEBINAR: Making the First Stone Spears: Foundational Tutoring Strategies for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    This webinar examines essential tutoring strategies for working with students along the autism spectrum disorder.

    Presented by: Brandi Willis Schreiber, Program Director of the TECHniques Center
    Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.

    Members: $50.00Non-Members: $75.00